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We caught some tadpoles the other day. I just had to use them .View full post »


This is little Aidan from yesterday’s session. He was so good to me. I hope you love them, Rochelle and Daniel.View full post »

Oliver and Emily

I had a session with these sweetie pies this morning. They are too cute.View full post »

Silly tea party

Just editing this session from last week and had to share. It made me smile.View full post »

Tea Party

I had so much fun with these girls yesterday afternoon. They are just so so gorgeous.View full post »

Miss Millie

I photographed Miss Millie this morning, isn’t she cute….View full post »

Another Gorgeous Family

I got to photograph another beautiful little family this morning. I had lots of fun with them…..View full post »

Beach Boy

This is the little one from this morning. Hope you love them Kelly.View full post »

Gorgeous Family

I had so much fun with this Gorgeous family today. Hope you love them Sue Ellen, you family is beautiful.View full post »

Harry and Chloe

Every session I have trouble picking what to put up for a sneak peek. It was especially the case with this session.View full post »

Jack and Max

This is little Jack and Max from today.View full post »


Here is little Josiah from this morning. He was very good to me and so cute with all that hair……View full post »